Kollter ES1 Sneaks In As America’s Most Affordable Electric Motorcycle

Move over, SONDORS – somebody’s just had you beat, and they’ve already gotten their bike to the masses. Amidst all the hullabaloo surrounding the comparisons between SONDORS’s MetaCycle and Niu’s RQi, despite the incomparable aesthetic and performance (and price) of Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire One, Energica’s top-notch [...]


Super Soco CPx 55 MPH electric maxiscooter coming to North America

Australia-based Vmoto’s Super Soco brand has become a popular two-wheeled electric vehicle option on several continents, and now the company’s largest and most powerful electric scooter is coming to North America. Read morehttps://electrek.co/2021/08/18/super-soco-cpx-55-mph-electric-maxiscooter-coming-to-north-america/

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