So often when you speak to an experienced motorcyclist about electric motorcycles they’ll trot out a well used phrase like ‘it’s coming’ or ‘it’s the future’ when the reality is that they are very much already here.

Sure, most bikers aren’t chopping in their BMWs and Fireblades for Energicas and Zeros just yet, but electric bike sales more than doubled again in 2021 and they represent a significant enough number of units to be very relevant these days. Much of that comes down to products from a new generation of Chinese motorcycle and scooter manufacturers, like NIU and V-Moto, the latter selling their products under the Super Soco brand.

You may not be familiar with Super Soco, but they have been around for a few years now. They specialise exclusively in small electric motorcycles and scooters which, in their own words, are ‘zero-emission electric vehicles that are quicker, better value than any 125cc or 50cc, and more flexible to use than public transport or a car’.

It’s certainly quite a claim, but they must be doing something right as Super Socos have been a regular fixture at the top of the UK’s motorcycle sales charts in recent years, with their mopeds proving popular with inner city delivery riders and this, the TC Max, becoming increasingly attractive to commuters looking to avoid the stress of public transport.

The TC Max is Super Soco’s range topper. The UK Government offers a £500 plug in electric vehicle grant, meaning that it costs £4399 for the version we are riding here, with an otherwise identical spoked wheel version costing £100 more. As an A1 licence bike, it can be ridden on L plates by riders aged 17 and above, once they have completed their day’s compulsory basic training (CBT). For 16 year olds, the standard ‘TC’ model can be specified as a moped, priced from £2899.

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